Vaccine IQ

Intro to Vaccine R&D – How Vaccines Are Made

This blog post is part of Sabin’s Vaccine IQ: Intro to Vaccine Research & Development series, in which experts from Sabin’s Vaccine R&D team give an introduction to how vaccines are made, explaining the stages of research, development and testing vaccine candidates must go through before they are ready for distribution and use in the general population.

Vaccine development is a lengthy, rigorous and complex process involving many stages and stakeholders. In the first video of this series, Aruna Sampath, PhD, vice president of project management for Sabin’s vaccine R&D projects, gives a broad overview of the vaccine development process as a whole, from initial discovery through to clinical trials, manufacturing and ongoing evaluation.

Dr. Sampath leads the project management of Sabin’s vaccine development programs. Prior to joining Sabin, Aruna held various leadership positions at Emergent BioSolutions Inc., Unither Virology, LLC, Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, and Novartis Institute for Tropical diseases (Singapore). Aruna’s expertise lies in oversight of programs from discovery through pre-clinical, Phase 1 through Phase 3 clinical programs, as well as manufacturing of vaccines and therapeutics.