Legislative Approaches to Immunization Across the European Region

Legislative Landscape Cover

In light of rising outbreaks of measles and other vaccine-preventable diseases in Europe, the Sabin Vaccine Institute in 2018 conducted a review of immunization legislation in the region. “Legislative Approaches to Immunization Across the European Region” examines how countries have approached immunization legislation, ranging from voluntary or recommended (the state asks that individuals seek out immunization) to mandatory (the state requires that individuals are immunized). This study is the first and only systematic review of immunization legislation that includes all 53 countries in the region and provides a comprehensive overview that can be used by countries as a point of reference when evaluating legislative frameworks for immunization law.

Sabin’s technical partner, the Georgetown University’s O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law, supported the project with in-depth legal analysis, the development of categorization criteria and classification of current country approaches.

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