In 2018, the Sabin Vaccine Institute conducted a study of immunization legislation in Europe in response to outbreaks and increased incidence of vaccine-preventable diseases, notably measles, across the region. This increased presence of disease represents a marked change, since the World Health Organization European Region had achieved an immunization coverage rate of almost 95 percent in the years 2012 to 2013. Since then, countries in the region have made notable changes to frameworks for immunization legislation, which are examined in detail in “Legislative Approaches to Immunization Across the European Region.” This study is the first and only systematic review of immunization legislation that includes all 53 countries in the region and provides a comprehensive overview that can be used by countries as a point of reference when evaluating legislative frameworks for immunization law.

Legislative Landscape Report
European Immunization Policy Database
European Region Matrix: Immunization Legislation
Likert Scale: Assessing Levels of Immunization Legislation

The Baltic States: A comparison of legislative approaches across three countries with similar historical, geographic and health contexts
France: Moving towards a more coercive approach to immunization
Moldova: Reviewing a recommended approach with mandatory requirements for school attendance
The Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden: The recommended approach in practice
The Ukraine: Exploring factors that undermine a strong legislative framework for immunization

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