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The Global HPV Consortium

Mission and Values

In September 2023, Sabin spearheaded the launch of the Global HPV Consortium — a public-private and trans-disciplinary movement — to quicken the pace of HPV prevention and cervical cancer elimination.

Our Mission

The Consortium mobilizes global and national action for integration of services to eliminate cervical cancer with a special focus on low- and middle-income countries and high-risk populations where the full benefits of HPV vaccination (primary prevention) and screening and treatment (secondary prevention) are yet to be realized.

The Consortium works across the three pillars of vaccination, screening and treatment, in lockstep with the approach outlined in the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Cervical Cancer Elimination Initiative. Cervical cancer is the only cancer that the world has collectively resolved to eliminate. The Consortium is committed to helping dismantle silos of vaccination, screening and early treatment to speed up progress on this front.

Guiding Values

The Consortium, a diverse coalition of allies, unites efforts of collaborators and partners across the cervical cancer ecosystem – including governments, research organizations, implementing agencies, professional societies, industry, advocacy groups, women networks, adolescent and youth coalitions, civil society and non-profits working with communities.

With a focus on populations where there is high need and low access to HPV vaccination, screening and treatment services, the Consortium is guided by the following core values:


At the heart of the Consortium’s actions are women, families, and communities that bear the ravaging financial, physical, emotional, and social toll of cervical cancer.


Changemakers at the national, subnational, and local levels help shape programs and innovations to ensure that those closest to the challenge are able to co-design solutions.


Special emphasis is placed on creating and sustaining access to vaccines, screening, and treatment for groups who are consistently left behind because of gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, stigma, and cultural norms.


Data, evidence, and research guide all actions and the Consortium will continue to share and disseminate new and emerging knowledge to propel progress.

Neutral and Unbiased

No partner or collaborator can exert undue influence; prejudice the mission, goals, and actions of the Consortium; and/or undermine its integrity and neutrality. The Consortium does not take positions on products and protocols related to HPV and cervical cancer, recognizing that these decisions are best left to authorized agencies and country-level decision makers.

Collaborative and Impactful

The Consortium coalesces and amplifies the aspirations and experiences of a diverse set of stakeholders working across the spectrum of cervical cancer-related challenges. Dynamic mechanisms are in place to foster the exchange of effective practices and learnings to enhance impact in high-need locations and populations.

Purposeful Partnerships

Sabin has a long history of forging purposeful public-private partnerships to drive public health impact. We work with stakeholders across sectors — including non-profits, bilateral and multilateral agencies, academia, government, and industry — with a foundational understanding that actions, decisions and recommendations will always be predicated on science and solid evidence. To ensure the highest standards of professional conduct and integrity, the Board of Trustees at Sabin has adopted policies that govern our interactions with industry and clinical partners.

Sabin’s convening of the Global HPV Consortium is a response to the global call to eliminate cervical cancer. Partners work on one or more pillars of the Consortium’s three-pronged approach to cervical cancer elimination. While vaccines are a critical component of this integrated approach, the Consortium brings equal focus and attention on screening and treatment of pre-cancerous lesions to achieve the ambitious, albeit feasible, goal to make cervical cancer history.

In the course of its work, the Consortium adheres strictly to WHO’s technical guidance. The Consortium is agnostic about products and defers to relevant technical and normative bodies, globally and in regions and countries, to make appropriate decisions.